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ANYONE can add a business listing to Mocktail Quest. We love to know your favorite places to find AF support, beverages and products. All listing requests will undergo a review process to before being added.  This process can  take up to 3 business days.

Mocktail Quest is a search engine for all things alcohol-free.  Any of the following kinds of places are welcome:

• Food and Drink Locations


Travel and Event Providers (click here to add an event) 

and Sobriety Resources

Factual errors on listings can be reported to and we will be happy to change them. 

Our member partners have the option to add additional information to their listings including mocktail menus, hours, custom photo gallery, social media and more.  Click here to see membership options

You can add unlimited events to Mocktail Quest.  MQ partners will have their events cataloged on their business page. Click here to see membership options.

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